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The champion is a magician Ascended old Shurima, a being with arcane energy writhing in the broken fragments of a magical sarcophagus. For millennia he was trapped beneath the desert sands, but the rise of Shurima released him from his ancestral prison. Dragged into madness for power, now he seeks to recover what he believes belongs to him and replace magnificent civilizations in the world with a designed in his image and likeness.

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What is League of Legends?


Guide how to play LoL

League of Legends, or LOL as it is often called, is a free game and is focused on multiplayer (multiple players). LOL has an age limit of 12 years. The game takes place in a fantasy environment. You play in a so-called arena where you are divided into two teams. Both teams should try to destroy each other’s bases. By destroying the other team’s base, they have won. The game is very tactical and it is important to know what to do because a couple of error steps can affect the match result. Read more about how to play LoL here!

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Xerath Build

Xerath Build 9.7 is ranked as an A-tier selection Mid Lane role in season 9. This master currently has a win rate of 50.19% (Bath) , Pick Rate of 3.29% (High) , and Ban Grad 0.44% (low) . Using magic runes and lots of AP and mana postal building, combined with artillery play, this is a moderately difficult to play champions in League of Legends.

StatisticsLast Patch Average (9.6)Current Patch (9.7)Position ChangeRole Rank
Win Rate50.9550.19+ 7 11/42
Play Rate3.643.29+ 2 24/42
Ban Rate12:4212:44– 1 22/42
gold earned1141711318– 1 6/42
killed6.186:02+ 1 6/42
death4.844.83– 3 26/42
helps8:098.19 28/42
damage done2468824193 4/42
Damage taken1487014733– 1 33/42
handyman killed174172.9+ 1 9/42
Role Ranking56– 1 6/42


  • Life: 526 (+ 92 per level)
  • Attack Damage: 54.7 (+ 3 per level)
  • Attack Speed: NaN (+ 1:36 % per level)
  • Movement Speed: 340 340
  • Regen: 5.5 (+ 12:55 per level)
  • Armor: 21.88 (+ 3.5 per level)
  • Magic Resistance: 30 (+ 0.5 per level)

Mana Overload

Xerath basic attacks restore mana periodically.

Arcane pulse

Cost: 80/90/100/110/120 mana
Scope: 750

Shoots an energy beam long distance, dealing magic damage to all targets impacted.

First release: Xerath charge your Arcane Pulse and see gradually reduced movement speed while increasing the range of the spell.
Second Release: Xerath fires his Arcane Pulse, dealing 80/120/160/200/240 (+ 75% Ability Power) magic damage to all enemies to reach a recta.Xerath line can not attack or use other arcane spells while charging pulse. If Xerath not cast the spell, recovering half of spent mana.

Eye destruction

Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana
Scope: 1100

Invokes a ray of arcane energy that slows and deals magic damage to all enemies in an area. Closest to the epicenter enemies take additional damage and greater slowdown.

Xerath invokes a ray of arcane energy that inflicts 60/90/120/150/180 (+ 60% Ability Power) magic damage to all enemies in an area and slows by 25% for 2.5 s. Enemies who are in the center of the explosion are 0 (+0) magic damage and are slowed one 60/65/70/75/ 80 %. This slowdown fades quickly.

Shocking Orbe

Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 Mana
Scope: 1050

Inflicts magic damage to an enemy and stuns.

Xerath fires an orb of pure magic. The first enemy reached suffers 80/110/140/170/200 (+ 45% Ability Power) magic damage and is stunned between 0.5 and 2 s. Stun duration varies the distance of the world.

Rite of arcane

Cost: 100 mana
Scope: 3200/4400/5600

Xerath is immobilized and gets several powerful volleys.

Xerath rises until it reaches its true form, the ground where it is nailed and gets 3/4/5 arcanas volleys. This attack deals 200/240/280 (+ 43% Ability Power) magic damage to enemies that impacta.La immobilization ends after 10 s, when all shots have been released or if a command is used movement to clear it . If not fired, 50% cooling is recovered.

The history

The boy would end up calling Xerath born as a slave unnamed Shurima thousands of years ago. He was the son of scholars whose only future was captured eternal slavery. His mother taught him letters and numbers, while his father told stories of history with the hope that those skills you would seek a better life. The boy promised not end up slouching and submitted like any other slave.

When the boy’s father was crippled during excavations for the construction of a monument to the emperor’s favorite horse, abandoned to their fate in the crash. Fearing that his son corriese a similar fate, the boy’s mother begged a renowned architect of gravesites him to take him as an apprentice. Though initially reluctant, the architect was impressed by his powers of observation and his innate understanding of mathematics and language, and accepted it. The boy did not see her mother.

Great Library of Nasus

Being a pupil, his master sent him on errands to the Great Library of Nasus to recover specific texts and planes almost every day. In one of his trips, the boy met Azir, the Emperor’s son underdog. Azir was trying to decipher a complicated passage of an ancient text, although the boy knew he was talking to royalty knock on the doors of death, he stopped to help the young prince with complex grammar. At that time, some friendship was forged between them and, over the next few months, that friendship did nothing to be strengthened.

Although it was forbidden to name them slaves, Azir gave each boy. Xerath he called, which means ” which shares ”, although that name was never pronounce beyond friendship. Azir made sure nominate Xerath as a slave at home, and made him his personal servant. Their shared passion for knowledge led them to devour texts of the library and to enter into a fraternal relationship. Xerath was the faithful companion of Azir. I learned all I could through culture, power and knowledge that now had to reach, and even got to dare to dream that Azir would free one day.


During the annual tour of the grounds of the emperor, as they passed the night in a known oasis, some murderers attacked the royal caravan. Azir Xerath saved from the sword of a murderer. However, his other siblings were not so lucky, so the young prince became heir to the throne of Shurima. As a slave, Xerath could not expect any reward for his feat, but Azir promised that someday would like brothers.


Following the assassination attempt, Shurima suffered years of terror and panic because the emperor reprisals. Xerath knew enough of the history and workings of the court of Shurima to understand that Azir’s life hung by a thread.

He was the heir to the throne meant nothing, since the emperor Azir hated for having survived instead of his dearest children. To complicate the situation, the wife of Emperor was still young enough to have more children, and so far had many healthy children. The probability that could have another son who was the heir of her husband was great. As soon as he did, Azir’s life would be doomed.

Although Azir was a scholar by nature, Xerath convinced him that to survive, have to learn to fight. That made Azir. In return, the young heir amounted to Xerath and insisted to continue with their education. The two young men were overcome, and Xerath proved an exceptionally talented student who reveled in the pursuit of knowledge. He became the confidant and right-hand Azir, a position never seen for a slave simple. This position gave it an enormous (and inappropriate for some) influence on the young prince, who increasingly depended more on opinion Xerath.

In the forgotten crypts

He xerath puts all his effort in the pursuit of knowledge, regardless of where they could find it, its cost or source. He entered libraries that had long been closed, he inquired in forgotten crypts and consulted mystics buried deep in the sand; all to extend their knowledge and ambition, which grew so rampant. When rumors circulating in the court about his adventures in places despicable charged too hard to ignore, he found clever ways to silence them. For Xerath, the fact that Azir mencionase these rumors never supposed tacit approval of the way they kept him safe to his emperor.

Years passed and Xerath used all his wiles to dark emperor’s wife could not give birth. Thanks to its emerging magical abilities, all babies were succumbing to corruption even before birth. Without rivals for the throne, Azir would be safe. When rumors began to emerge of a curse, Xerath made sure to silence them forever. Most of the time, those who had aroused such suspicions disappeared without a trace. At this point, the desire to escape Xerath its origins as a slave had become an overriding ambition to achieve power on its own. However, every murder justified saying that he did to keep his friend alive.

The emperor’s guards

Despite all attempts to hinder Xerath midwives Queen, this got to bring the world the new prince of Shurima. But on the night of his birth, Xerath used his magical powers, which were increasingly more powerful, to summon the elemental spirits of the depths of the desert and unleash a terrible storm. Xerath invoked lightning after another on the queen’s chambers and reduced them to rubble on fire, what the life of the queen and her newborn son was. Emperor rushed to the quarters, but found only Xerath; his hands glowed with arcane power. Emperor’s guards attacked him, but Xerath reduced them to ashes, and the emperor. Xerath made sure of these deaths blamed mages of a conquered territory. Azir the first step of the throne was to launch a brutal campaign of revenge against them.

Campaigns of conquest

They crowned emperor Azir Shurima with Xerath at his side: the boy who had once been a slave nameless. Xerath had long been dreaming of this moment, and hoped that Azir liberate him from his slavery in Shurima before naming his brother at last. Azir did none of these things. He continued to expand his empire’s borders and preventing Xerath proposals concerning the end of slavery. This was more than sufficient evidence to Xerath of the moral decay of Shurima, and wrath fell on Azir for breaking his promise. Azir’s face was reflected anger when he reminded Xerath was a slave and could not forget their origin. Honest part of Xerath died that day, but underwent its mandate and accepted so apparent decision to Azir. Xerath stood beside Azir during his campaigns of conquest, but each of his actions was carefully designed to increase its influence over the realm of thought now take over. Snatching an empire is not easy, and Xerath knew he needed more power.


The famous legend of the Ascension of Renekton showed that a mortal did not have to be elected by the Priests of the Sun, but anyone could ascend. So Xerath conspired to steal the power of Ascension. No slave could ever be placed on the solar disk, so Xerath fed the vanity of the emperor, his ego inflated and filled his head with impossible visions of an empire of ecumenical importance. But such a dream would only be possible if Azir getting up, like the great heroes of Shurima before him. Eventually, Xerath perseverance paid off and Azir announced that the ritual of Ascension, which had earned the right to stand beside Nasus and Renekton be submitted as being promoted. Priests of the Sun demurred, but such was the arrogance of Azir who ordered them to be tortured to death.

Words of the Emperor

Ascension Day came and went toward the dais Azir Ascension with Xerath beside him. Nasus and Renekton were absent because Xerath had prepared a distraction for them: it weakened the seal of a magical beast sarcophagus containing a burning fire. When the creature finally freed from his bonds, Renekton and Nasus came, they were the only warriors able to defeat it. Thus, Xerath had pushed Azir of the only two people who could save him from what he expected.

Azir was placed behind the solar disk, just before the priests began the ritual, events took a turn that Xerath had not anticipated. The emperor turned to Xerath and told him he was now a free man. He and all slaves were freed Shurima chains of bondage. Azir embraced Xerath before naming his eternal brother. Xerath was stunned. He had given everything he wanted, but the success of the plan depended on the death of Azir and nothing would deter him from carrying it out. There were many pieces in play and Xerath had already sacrificed too much to reverse, no matter how much a part of him wanted to. The Emperor’s words pierced the armor of rancor that surrounded the heart of Xerath, but arrived too late. Without being aware of the danger, Azir turned the priests began the ritual to summon the fabulous power of the sun.

In generations

With a roar of rage and pain, Xerath Azir dropped from its place on the disc, and looked through tears how her old friend burned to ashes. Xerath took the place of Azir and sunlight bathed him, transforming his flesh in an ascended being. But the power of the ritual was not for him, and the consequences of his betrayal of Azir were devastating. The unleashed power of the sun completely destroyed Shurima; He tore down their temples and brought destruction to the city. Azir village was consumed in a terrible fire as the desert rose to reclaim the city. The solar disk fell and an empire built by generations of emperors disappeared in one day.

Even as the city burned, the priests Xerath retained under the control of his magic to prevent them to finish the ritual. The energies that flooded were immense and, with his dark sorcery, created a being with an amazing power. As attracted even more power from the sun into your body, your mortal flesh was consumed and transformed into a glittering vortex of arcane power.

Renekton and Nasus

When Xerath betrayal was revealed, Renekton and Nasus rushed to the epicenter of the magical storm that was destroying the city. They brought the magic sarcophagus that had kept imprisoned the spirit of the eternal flame. Ascended brothers made their way to the dais of Ascension just in time Xerath fell from the deadly blaze engulfing the city. Before the newly promoted magician could react, they threw his flaming body inside the sarcophagus and sealed once again blessed chains and seals powerful bond.


But it was not enough. Xerath power had been great when he was a mortal, and that power, combined with the gift of Ascension, it became virtually invincible. He shattered the sarcophagus, but remained fragments and strings attached to it. Renekton and Nasus rushed to Xerath, but his newfound strength was so powerful that his fight was deadlocked. The battle spread over the ruined city, destroying what had not yet sunk in the sand. The brothers could drag Xerath to the Tomb of the Emperors, the largest mausoleum Shurima, a crypt whose locks and rooms were impossible to break and enter, for only responding to the blood of the emperors. Renekton got to Xerath inside and called Nasus to seal the crypt behind them. Nasus did, not without regret, but knew it was the only way to prevent Xerath escape. Renekton and Xerath fell into eternal darkness, where they remained trapped in an endless battle as the once great civilization crumbled Shurima.

Tomb of the Emperors

It took many centuries and, eventually, even the powerful force of Renekton decayed, leaving him vulnerable to the influence of Xerath. Poisoned with lies and deceit, Xerath twisted mind filled Renekton and undeserved resentment toward Nasus, the unfaithful brother, according to the fictional narrative of Xerath, had deserted him long ago.

When Sivir and Cassiopeia finally found beneath the desert Tomb of the Emperors and opened both Renekton Xerath as they were released in an explosion of sand and rubble. Perceiving that his brother was still alive, Renekton rammed from the ruins with a distorted mind had become little more than a wild beast. After a time that was turned into legend, Shurima reborn and, as his majesty resurgent desert, Xerath felt another soul came alive under the sand, one that had long considered dead. Azir also re-emerged as one of the Ascended, and Xerath knew that neither could live in peace while the other was still alive.

The heart of Xerath

Xerath heart of the desert sought to regain his strength and understanding how the world had changed since his imprisonment. Who had taken power grew with each passing moment. He looked ready for a world conquest, a world of mortals willing to grovel at the feet of a new and terrible god.

Despite all his newly acquired power, no matter how far he had come since he was a slave boy without a name, a part of Xerath she knew he was still chained.

“A lifetime as a slave has prepared me forever as your master.” – Xerath