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“vicious, storming assaults of brain-bending

drumming and unrestrained vitriol” - Kerrang



Xerath formed in 2007 as no more than a studio experiment, the intention was to trial a band project that merged filmscore and progressive metal as one style. The band floated some of the early material online and won numerous awards including Terrorizers 2008 No.1 unsigned act.

Successful songs from the bands first attempts at writing attracted numerous label interest and the raw material went on to become the bands first commercial album release 'Xerath I'. The album was recorded with French producer Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studios and was released with Candlelight records in May of 2009. The band experienced a great deal of positive feedback from European media and Xerath began taking to the road to promote the album live in tours across the UK.

In summer of 2010 Xerath began writing material for their second commercial release Xerath II. The album was recorded with Danish producer Jacob Hansen and In May 2011 Xerath II was released and was given wide spread acclaim across the board.

To date Xerath have shared the stage with such esteemed bands as Textures, Devin Townsend, Ihsahn, Vader, Decapitated, Gojira, Abigail Williams, Anaal Nathrakh, Testament, Sylosis and many many more. Xerath continue to take themselves further afield and in the process have been praised consistently on their energetic and unrelenting live performances and musicianship.

At the close of 2012 Xerath began writing material for their third installment Xerath III. The band vowed to further explore finding new stylist avenues and promise a new direction and further building on the success of Xerath II.



Machine Insurgency - Xerath II 2011

Reform III - Xerath II 2011

False History - Xerath I 2009

Speed Demon - Michael Jackson Cover

“You'll bang your head so hard you might

accidently open a wormhole to parallel dimensions”

Metal Hammer



Xerath I

I - 2009 Candlelight Records

Xerath II

II - 2011 Candlelight Records

“One of the albums of the year so far?

You better believe it” - Terrorizer


Tour Dates

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Booking / Live

Ian Shaw
TKO, London/New York/Los Angeles


Adam Foster | Eternal Sound Music

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