What is e-sports in sweden?

Swedish E-Sport Association SEFS writes: E-sports is short for “electronic sports” and is a generic name for all competitions that are designed by computer or game console. The concept was coined in South Korea including the organizers of the World Cyber Games, but has in the past decade has become a globally recognized concept.

To get a grip on this huge kind of sports we dive deeper into the story. One of the first tournament was in 1990 when the Nintendo World Championships organized and finalists received a spelkasset in silver. Just a few years later, Microsoft was hosting a Quake tournament where the winner (Dennis Fong) took home a Ferrari 308th.

Time to play computer games!

Like all sports all E-sports to develop, compete and measure themselves against others. Just availability, development and the ability to measure itself has made to E-sport is growing rapidly, both locally and globally.

According to the video game industry that preoccupation about 80 percent of Swedes between the ages of 15-60 with computer games (Time to play computer games, 2010). Some recent figures from the Interactive Software Federation of Europe ( ISFE ) shows that 64 percent of Swedes between the ages of 16-64 are playing computer games (datorspelsbranschen.se).

Platforms for e-sport

Today will compete on many platforms such as PC / Mac, Xbox, Playstation, Wii and more. These also have lots of different games within a plurality of different branches of the RTS , MOBA , FPS and the more traditional sports and fighting games.

Given all platforms and different games available in the industry, it is debatable what actually can be considered as E-sports. Read more at mibesports.com for more information about games etc.

RTS = Real time strategy games like Starcraft and Warcraft III

MOBA = Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game DOTA2 and LOL

FPS = First Person Shooter games such as Counter Strike andBattlefield

Sports / Fighting = games like FIFA and Super Street Fighter

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