The largest eSport Games with casino

The number of playable games within esport betting and casino sites have increased significantly in recent years. Factoring in all games with significant audience base globally there are approximately 40 different games it organized regular tournaments. Here are three popular eSport games that deserves to be mentioned! While speaking with the author Jeffrey Hayes, who were involved in launching in India, betting should always be done in moderation as to not take the fun out of enjoying it.


CS GO is the acronym for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some may recognize the “Counter-Strike” as one of the history’s most popular series of first-person shooter. Some would probably go so far as to say it was this game series that laid the foundation for the popularity of eSport today. This is not surprising, given the entertainment it provides for gamers to check out the game’s witty and action-packed games. It is annually held a number of heavyweight tournaments, in the game which WESG and ELEAGUE are two to mention.

Dota 2

From game developer like “Valve” comes the popular Dota 2, an adrenaline-stint strategy game set in a fantasy world. Dota 2 is played as a team sport, and tournaments for distributing the overall top prize totals. The “International” is the tournament that ends each season and gives a hint as to which team you should keep an eye on for upcoming events. This is also important if you like to bet!

League of legends (LoL)

To say that League of Legends is a success would be an understatement. In fact, the game’s developer, “Riot Games” now work exclusively with LoL (as it is commonly abbreviated). Like playing LoL, Dota 2 as a team sport where the goal is to destroy the opposing team’s base. Team KSV eSports achieved great successes in 2018 season and remains a team to oversee.

Esport gambling

Hopefully you now have a little more knowledge of esports and which games to bet on. You can find betting and casino odds of esports in most nordic, european and american gaming companies. The really good sides also offers some kind of bonus for new players.

Esport betting and casino tips

Just like when it comes to betting or casino regarding the “old sports”, there are no shortcuts for those who want to start spending money on esports. Esport is fun – and it becomes even more fun the more knowledge you possess. As mentioned earlier, our advice is to grab a bonus before you play. This might increase the profit you could get.

Basically all that apply when you invest money in the usual sports is also true for esports. Basic knowledge of odds and how to value them properly is of course good. But to be able to evaluate betting odds pages requires that you have skills. The best you can do is to study every team you think have a chanse to win.

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