League of Legends betting

Is “League of Legends betting” a thing? When game developers Brandon “Ryze” Beck and Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill in late 2009 released the game League of Legends (LoL), could probably not even in their wildest dreams imagine how big the game was going to be. League of Legends is a so-called MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) reminiscent of Dota 2.

The game, with its approximately 100 million active players today one of the world’s largest esporter. World Championship “League of Legends World Championship” in 2017 attracted over 60 million viewers. As the game’s popularity has increased, the economy around the game has been built up. Like other sports, there are currently teams with contracted professionals who feed on the game. These teams income consists of prize money, sponsorship and sales of merchandise. As the game progress, it has also become possible to bet on the League of Legends, as with any ordinary sport. Then the game is very popular, most gaming sites that offer betting esport also betting on the League of Legends.

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How to play League of Legends?

To understand how to bet on the League of Legends, you do not have tried the game itself, but you need to understand how it works and what makes different teams and players ate. The game can be for those who do not understand seem complex and in some moments impossible to keep up with.

But you can rest easy, here are some tips to get started:

  • The game is a so-called MOBA games and you compete in teams of five against five, with each team having an own half. The goal is to take the opponent’s main base, or “nexus”. The map is divided into three paths or ‘lanes’ with three in each tower.
  • A good tip to know who is leading a match is to look at which team has the most gold. Even if a team has killed opponents more times can the other team to have more gold in that they farmed better or killed more towers. Thus, the only real indicator of which team is leading a match, how much gold they have, because this shows how much strength they have been able to buy in the form of items.
  • One aspect that can make the game difficult to understand is that there is at this moment more than 140 characters ( “Champions”), you can choose to play as. Each character has five unique abilities, passive and four active. A passive portability, a player can not self-activate but usually general way is automatically activated when the requirements for abilityn been met. Among the four active 3 is general and 1 ultimate probability ( “ulti”) that are often stronger, and thus can be used more rarely. A tip if you do not know someone’s character is to look up the character of this page.

The roles

  • Top: Role hold to the top lane and is a role that is very flexible depending on the team’s tactics. Top-role can be in a match focus to build the tank, and then have the task to absorb damage from opponents in a fight. In another match, the top go full attack damage and then have the task of doing a lot of damage in a fight. Along with jungle usually like to diversify, so that the jungle is the tank in case the top is full damage, and vice versa.
  • Jungle: Jungle player’s task at the beginning of the game is to help the various lanesen, and by working with them to try to attack the opponent / opponents ( “gank”) in the lane so that they become stronger than its counterpart. They can also help team members by highlighting the map with so-called wards, which lights up the bushes and dark parts of the map, so that teammates can avoid ganks from opponents.
  • Mid: Mid tend to choose champions do much damage at the end of the game and doing mostly with AD Carry the most damage in the game. Because the role is located in the center of the map, it is not unusual that it goes to other lanes and help when the opportunity exists to create the opportunity to kill the opposing top or bottom lane ( “roaming”).
  • AD Carry : AD Carry is the least flexible role and has the most restrictions in the form of champions as it generally is a character who does a lot of damage in the end, but is weak in the beginning. The role is exposed through the game as it only builds proactive and seldom defensive, and therefore has a support that has as main task to help the AD Carryn.

Options for betting in League of Legends

Below are some different options that can be bet on the League of Legends and tips:

  • First Tower / First Tower Which team is most back pressed against his tower? It is not uncommon for commentators talking about a lane is inpushad, and it is thus that it is in the lane the first tower will be destroyed. Which team takes the first tower is determined much of the team’s style of play and the composition of the heroes, but also by chance.
  • First Blood Which team will get the First Blood? One tip is to watch which Team jungle player that has the most offensive character. It is likely that an aggressive jungle champion can implement an early kill than a tank-jung switch. Another key factor may be the lack of wards. If a lane or players have few wards, often know jungle of this and will then try to turn to where to get the “First Blood”. Also here the commentators be helpful because they often comment on the players’ visibility on the map and the opponents moves.
  • 1X2 In League of Legends, it can naturally not be the same, then the game is not over until one team’s Nexus is destroyed or teams give up. This means that you will always have a winning team, so can the classic 1X2 option to be a good option for getting good odds and keep it simple. Betta simply on the team you believe will win.


  • Correct Score & Over / Under Kills In League of Legends, it is very difficult to guess the correct score because kills not always determine who wins. However, it is not as hard to guess which team first comes up 10 kills, or over / under how many kills it gets. Here it is important to look at both teams history, how many kills they usually get when they win or lose. But above all, the whole team constellation important because it will probably be more kills about one put the offensive players, because they do more damage and can withstand minor damage.
  • First dragon Like the first tower is usually the team that has good push Spirit lanes to take a first dragon. But it is not unusual for a team sponsored jung try to kill top and the opposing team’s maiden switch goes down to the bottom lane and take a dragon. Try to see how pushed lanesen is and if any of the law’s maiden distributors tend to try to do ganks top, it can provide an indication that the other team has more chance of getting a first dragon.
  • First Baron Baron will not enter the game until after 20 minutes, and is very difficult to kill. Generally it’s the law that has more gold by killing enemy jungle trying to himself a baron. Do not forget that there is much at stake and if one team goes to Baron, it will probably be attempts by opponents to snatch Baron.

Live betting

Like other sports, you can bet in advance which team you think will win the match. Live Betting allows you to bet to get extra power during a match and customize your esports-stain depending on how the game develops. It can also be a good addition if you forgot to add his game before the game and the event has already started. Live betting for the League of Legends is generally available at the betting pages from the event start until the end.

Most pages now offer live betting on the matches that are included in their regular gaming. Here you will find a complete review of the gaming companies that we think best suits Leauge of Legends betting.

Tips for League of Legends betting

Below are some tips that can help when you want to bet on the League of Legends:

Learn the game

While League of Legends can be difficult to understand for the uninitiated, you can increase your basic skills by reading up on the game. By looking at previous games, you can learn how the game is played. During the 2016 World Cup did LoLEsports a series of entry-level broadcasts where they comprehensively explained the game during the match. In this video , you can also learn how to read the game screen when you watch matches, so you do not miss any important information for your betting. The absolute easiest way, however, to actually download League of Legends and test a number of matches, it usually necessary on the spot to end.


On this page , you can find statistics about previous tournaments and meetings between the teams. You can also view individual statistics for the players to try to figure out what might happen in a match. Making its research is an important advantage when you bet on the game. Do not neglect your research if you bet on esports!

Follow scene from Xerath.net

By looking at the League of Legends matches the example Twitch.tv, YouTube and Xerath.net. You can get a deeper understanding of how the game works at the moment. Often, the game’s “meta” changes radically when the game is updated. So it may be helpful for even the League of Legends betting to adhere properly updated on the newest strategies.